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12D T7 Course for Managers & Client Officers | Training Course Details |
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BeSafe Training Course

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12D T7 Course for Managers & Client Officers

BeSafe Training Ltd is a Lantra Approved supplier of Traffic Management Training.

Our accredited courses range from the standard 12D T1 through to the higher level competencies of TSCO.

Working closely with you, we provide a customised approach to meet your exact Traffic Management needs. Our courses cover the full range of requirements from classroom based training to on-site assessments.

Upon successful completion, we will register your results with Lantra and arrange the issue of your Lantra Card. Our courses are delivered from our own fully equipped training centre in Blaydon, or alternatively, we will deliver from your premises or other designated nationwide locations to suit your needs.

Our trainers deliver classroom and on-the-job training and assessment. With a combined 20 years’ plus experience in traffic management, our team strive to ensure you receive your Lantra certification.

Course Details

Who is it for?

Our two day Registered Lead Traffic Management Operative Training and Assessment Course has been designed for you if you are Registered Traffic Management operative (RTMO) as described in the sector scheme document 12D and you wish to become a Registered Lead Traffic Management Operative (RTMO). You must have achieved 12D T1 T2 and M1 and M2 before undertaking this course.

What will you get from it? 

  • •    Understand the aims and principles of NHSS.
  • •    Have an awareness of Traffic Management health & safety issues.
  • •    Appreciate the different sources of info regarding Traffic Management and in particular understand the key issues and differences between chapter 8 and the code of practice (Red book)
  • •    Understand the risk assessment process and how to apply it to Traffic Management.
  • •    Have an understanding of the role of RLTMO and have demonstrated the ability to, assess the suitability of equipment, to monitor the changing conditions on site, and recommend appropriate remedial action as necessary.
  • •    Be able to ascertain when management intervention is required.


Upcoming Course Dates

There are no training dates available for this course at the moment. We are currently in the process of arranging further training dates so please check back again regularly or contact us to discuss your training needs.

Upcoming Courses

We're in the process of updating our course schedule. In the meantime please contact us to discuss your training needs.